Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rock of Love v. The View--Death Is Not an Option

Recently the television gabfest show The View came up in a conversation with a friend. Supposedly I am the target demographic for this show--female, at home most mornings, opinionated--and yet I find this one of the most obnoxious shows on television.

In fact, I think The View is more revolting than, say Rock of Love. (I am slightly embarrassed to A) know what that show is and B) say that I've seen it.) In case you have been privileged enough to never hear of or see Rock of Love, it's a reality show in which several dozen women, of questionable intelligence and frequently surgically altered, compete for the affections of Bret Michaels, former member of the 80's band Poison. Hijinks ensue.

So why would I find a show featuring conversation between 5 women of relative intelligence more obnoxious than a show featuring 25 women who seemingly want to win the heart of a guy who's a walking STD?

Because The View is supposed to represent me. On Rock of Love, I can feel pity or disgust or shock for the people on the show, knowing that none of them in least represents me. But on The View, I am usually annoyed more by the nature of the conversation and the people who are supposedly like me than the ones who aren't. And that's extremely unpleasant television.

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AK said...

I think its ability to make news for itself gives it the edge over any other show. Even if you never watch the View, it's hard not to hear about it all the time.

And you're right about the so-called representation. Instead of knowing I have a voice on the show, I have a guarantee that on any given topic at least three people will annoy the crap out of me.

What might be even more frustrating is when people I know agree fully and passionately with their View representatives. The hosts don't mind when I yell insults at them from a thousand miles away. My friends? Not so much.