Friday, February 27, 2009

Republicans try "30 Rock" Strategy

I've been trying to figure out what grand strategy the Republicans are using to win the hearts and minds of America. I think I've got it: They are trying to be the "30 Rock" political party. 

We have Tina Fey:

We have Tracy Morgan: 

And we have Kenneth the Page: 

Don't tell Alec Baldwin, but it seems that the Republicans have a mad crush on his show. They are embracing the "bizarre, absurdist" comedy, which industry insiders love but which fails to attract viewers. The Republicans seem not to realize that winning a shelf full of awards for comedic brilliance doesn't necessarily mean that anyone is paying attention to you (see: "Arrested Development").

Maybe the Republicans should embrace a new strategy based on "The Office." 


Oh wait. I guess they already tried that . . . 


AK said...

Bam! That was beautiful. So who is Alec Baldwin? Stephen, maybe?

HM said...

I think Limbaugh = Alec Baldwin's character. Pompous, thinks he's smarter than he is, charming and talented but still not quite the guy you really trust to lead you in the right direction. But always the loudest voice in the room.