Thursday, January 29, 2009

Covenant School Would Have Been Ashamed

You gotta give a giant hand to Rod Blagojevich. Sure, he was ousted from the governor's mansion in humiliating fashion, but you have to admire the way he continued to compete right up to the very end.

On the other hand, how ashamed should the Illinois senate be? Running up the vote to 59-0? That's unconscionable. Their coach should be fired.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Let's Put This to a Vote

Which is the more hilarious comedy: the highly contested vote, count, and recount of the Minnesota senate election between Al Franken and Norm Coleman, or the uber-political showdown on The Office over the hotness of Hillary Swank?

Check the links for a recap of the latest episodes in both dramedies and let your opinion be known in the comments section. 

Thursday, January 22, 2009

And Our G.I. Barack and Mighty Michelle Action Figures Aren't Based on Real People Either

The Beanie Babie people have some serious nerve. I thought it was odd that they were making toy versions of the Obama girls (Sweet Sasha and Marvelous Malia). But "odd" wasn't strange enough for them. No, Pennington, Hansbrough, and Cobb can now get in line behind Ty Inc. as the most objectionable Ty in history. 

That's because Ty is denying the dolls are based on the real-life Sasha and Malia, neither their names nor their likenesses. It's so absurd, I can't even comment. All I can say is, Obama better take action. Not only is it an offense to his own daughters, it's an affront to truth, justice, and the American way. Besides, everybody knows that Malia is the sweet one. Sasha handles all things marvelous, alliteration be damned.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Farewell, President Bush

Whatever else you might say about George Bush, and maybe I'll add more thoughts on that later, he has handled the transition to the Obama Administration with grace and class. His parting moments with the Obamas seemed genuinely to wish them well. 

Live Blogging the Inauguration part 6

I really wanted to like the poem. So that's all I'm going to say about it.

I just heard Rev. Joseph Lowery speak on Sunday. Now this is how a prayer is done. This man is 86 years old, and I think he's done a bit of praying in his day. What a great way to conclude this ceremony. 

And speaking of hats: George H.W. Bush is sporting a festive fur number with ear flaps. I guess when you're over 80, you just wear whatever you want.

Live Blogging the Inauguration part 5

The speech is off to a fine start -- certainly getting right to the point without a lot of flowery blah blah blah. But I'm hoping for more poetry, some more of that oratorical skill to drive home his points that Obama is capable of. 

Okay, now it's picking up. He's getting his preacher's cadence going here at the end. A stirring conclusion to a good speech that felt shorter than that invocation. 

The Music

I love that they chose the only concert musicians I recognize by name.

Although I'm a little disappointed John Williams didn't conduct them in a rousing version of "Superman" instead of the whole "Tis a Gift to Be Simple" medley. 'Tis a gift to be Super, too, you know.

Live Blogging the Inauguration part 4

I could listen to this quartet all day long. Absolutely beautiful. 

I'm watching this with my favorite Obama enthusiast, my 7-year-old son. As the oath of office concluded, he jumped up and down, shouting and waving his American flag. 

Who is directing the NBC cameras? Some weird angles and odd choices for camera shots.

I think Obama stumbled a bit getting through the oath to remind everyone that he is a human being, not the embodiment of the Olympus descended to walk among us mortals.

Live Blogging the Inauguration part 3

Girlfriend is wearing that hat! I want Aretha Franklin's hat only slightly less than I covet her voice.

On Rick Warren's invocation: It was long. Are they usually that long? 

And the White House Goes To . . .

Anybody else wondering why the PA announcer for the inauguration sounds so much like the bodiless voice that introduces Oscar presenters? I mean, I'm sure it's not the same guy, but the cheese factor in his voice is off the charts. Maybe comparing him to the Academy Awards is too lofty. There's an almost beauty-pageantesque quality about it.


Live Blogging the Inauguration part 2

I think Michelle looks fantastic. Love the color, love the cut of her dress and coat, love the details, love the gloves. It's a complicated dress, but she pulls it off and makes it look effortless.

I'm watching NBC, and in general I think the commentary this morning has been drivel. But Lester Holt got me when he described his mother watching the Inauguration at home. If you don't feel at least a twinge of emotion watching Barack Obama stride out on to the podium, you must not know any black people over the age of 60. 

Love the shot of Malia peeking during the invocation. 

Live Blogging the Inauguration

With all the somber reminders about this historic day, someone needs to step up to comment on other less important details of this day. Some thoughts on watching the dignitaries process to their spots:

Most Improved Look: Marilyn Quayle. Without her infamous flipped hair, she looks 10 years younger instead of 20 years older since her husband left office.

Best Preserved Face: Rosalynn Carter. She's over 80 and looks amazing. 

Grumpiest Face: Bill Clinton. Not sure if he's aiming for serious gravitas or just pouting. 

Most Adorable Attendees: Malia and Sasha Obama. I almost want to have two more kids in the hopes of getting daughters that cute.

Melissa Etheridge Gets It Straight

There's been a hubbub over Obama's selection of Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at the Inauguration. Many of Obama's gay and lesbian supporters and others have felt betrayed because of Warren's support for Proposition 8 in California, in addition to other comments he has made about gay marriage. Recently Melissa Etheridge spoke out, supporting Obama's choice. Not because she's a big fan of Rick Warren -- although she said they had met and had a cordial conversation, she finds his views about gay marriage repugnant. Rather, she understood that Obama was delivering on his promise to reach across divisions. If indeed it's supposed to be a climate of open dialogue, we have to welcome people that we disagree with and perhaps dislike. 

Many people have wondered what the nature of the  promised "Change" will be. So far, here on Inauguration Day, the change looks less like radical policy reversals. It looks like radical reaching across ideologies to have conversation. We'll see if the perspective of Melissa Etheridge will carry the day among other Obama supporters. We'll see if the conservatives/Republicans will be willing to participate in the conversation.

Dr. Strangelove Has Left the Building

Did anyone else think that the image of Dick Cheney leaving the White House in his wheelchair was remarkably evocative of Dr. Strangelove?