Tuesday, November 25, 2008

O Positive

We've heard an awful lot about the media's love affair with Barack Obama. Here's a mild example, an op-ed piece that suggests President Obama might possess the same fiscal resuscitating prowess FDR. Usually, the complaints come from the right. And let's face it, if you don't like Obama, it's not a real great time to be getting your information from anyone other than Fox News and AM talk radio.

But why would this be disappointing? How long have we been waiting for good news to become en vogue? When was the last time the media had generally positive things to say about . . . anybody? For how many decades has the nation wanted the headlines to proclaim something that got us excited rather than depressed?

But now that a few newspapers and bloggers and pundits have shown a politician some love, the right side of the general public is all too eager to hate. We've gotten so used to the steady stream of public-figure pinata bashing, we forgot the words to Cumbaya.

Sorry, Anne Murray. Maybe you sure could use a little good news today, but America ain't ready for that Canadian sentimentality.

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